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Photoshop Image masking service

Professional Image Masking Service Provider

In graphic design image masking service is one of the most common and vital services that is frequently ordered today. We call this vital because today more that average online consumers require this service to see their products on a transparent or white background. A busy photographer can not provide editing services to thousands of photos. It is just not worth their time. So many photographers hire image masking service provider companies to do the masking work for them. It is very common now and its affordable with high quality results too. If you are looking for accurate image masking service then Clipping Path Retouching- CPR Graphics Firm is the company for you. Save your time and focus on growing your business more by getting our premium masking services.

What is image masking service?

Photo masking or layer masking is a photo editing technique that is applied to expose some parts or hide some parts of an image. Image masking is used to remove background when there is a complex object or model involved in a photo. Typically, it is used when the object is furry or has curly hair as clipping individual hair is very time consuming so professional graphic designers use image masking to easily clip out the furry object and remove background. Image masking service is a service provided by many image editing service providers where the professionals use different image masking techniques to remove object from background. This service is commonly used by ecommerce business owners.

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Who needs image masking service?

Removing background is a must before uploading or showcasing your products on an ecommerce website. Photoshop image masking makes cutting out a complex furry product from an image easier for the graphic designers. That’s why ecommerce business owners use this service to get their product images to look as professional as they can to the customers. Even photography studios require clipping path and image masking service for their clients. Photographers have thousands of images to post process and there are times when they are too busy to edit every photo. So, they hire photo editing services to get professionally retouched photos. Art directors try to look for pleasing photos with accuracy and publishing houses also require image masking service for their product images to showcase online and offline.

Types of image masking service we provide-

Image masking is a complex technique that not everyone can pull off without the experience. So when our clients give us special instructions and requests we need to provide them with different masking types. So, based on different masking methods there are six image masking services we provide. Here are the six image masking service-

  • Fur and hair masking service

    Hair and fur have soft edges that are hard to separate through the pen tool on photoshop. Image masking is the technique that Clipping Path Retouching uses to remove the objects with edges from the background.

  • Alpha channel masking service

    This one is another method to remove the background from a complex product where the clipping path service cannot be applied. Alpha channel is also a good way to adjust color correction, brightness, contrast and exposure of that product after the background is removed.

  • Transparent object masking service

    Background removal is tricky on transparent objects. You can see through the transparent products like glass, water and spectacles. So this service provides our clients with removal of the inconsistency from the transparent part of the object and make it look natural.

  • Translucent object masking service

    Anyone can partially see through a translucent product. Its visibility ratio is less than a transparent object but more than an opaque object. Therefore, it is also a complex work to remove background from products such as sunglasses, wax, paper, vegetable oil, frost glasses and more.

  • Photoshop refine edge masking service

    When removing a background from an object there are times when you may see some inconsistency near the edges. Clipping Path Retouching can superimpose any element on a changed background and maintain the natural flavor using the refine edge masking method in photoshop.

  • Layer masking service

    Here we hide unwanted parts of a layer of a photo using photoshop layer masking method. It can be used to produce creative and artistic result with different layers separated by dark shades.

Benefits of image masking service

Image masking service is beneficial as it is a waypoint to doing many editing works in photoshop.

It makes other editing services easier and thus it is very important.

Here are the benefits of image masking service-

Photoshop image masking service helps you to remove backgrounds from complex objects that would take hours to clip out.

Image masking service helps remove products from an image in a non-destructive method.

While removing a product that is translucent or transparent then image masking service is the best option for you.

Image masking service makes it possible to edit large batches of images and saves lots of time.

Why choose Clipping Path Retouching as your image masking service provider?

Clipping Path Retouching offers various variety of professional image masking service to the clients. We use expert graphic designers to get the job done accurately. Using the masking tool in photoshop we can accurately blend the soft and hard areas of the photos.

We use our talent to get your desired output or result. We prefer to follow multiple approaches thus your imagination becomes reality when you work with us. Our team is dedicated at their job and know exactly how to execute every masking technique so you can be assured that your product photos are in the right hands. We provide accurate image masking in a non-destructive manner and we have a dedicated FTP server where your photos are safe. Besides that, we have a 24/7 customer service open for your requests and question related to the job. Lastly, we do frequent quality checks before letting any photo delivered to our clients. So, we are the best photo editing company for you. If you are still confused then contact us or request a free trial.

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